Dymax - IQ7 Aquarium Fusion Pink (16L)

The Dymax IQ7 Acrylic Aquarium is a stunning, high-quality nano acrylic aquarium complete with lighting and integrated filtration. Constructed from ultra-clear and durable 6mm acrylic, the IQ7 has no sharp edges, and is stronger and safer than glass.

The filtration is hidden behind the built-in black acrylic false wall, and uses an overflow to keep the surface of the aquarium clear of oily build up. The Bio-Sponge filter uses a diffusion plate to ensure even flow of water through the filter media ensuring optimal performance. The compact return pump has great output, and uses a small duck-bill nozzle to create a strong, yet gentle flow throughout the aquarium.
The back chamber can easily fit the DYMAX IQ MINI AQUARIUM HEATER 30W (sold separately) as well as be converted to a refugium. The dedicated DYMAX IQ MINI SKIMMER (sold separately) sits neatly in the filter compartment converting the IQ7 to a fully functional nano reef aquarium.

The Dymax IQ7 comes complete with the NX7 LED system - a slim, bright, and energy efficient microprocessor controlled dimmable fixture with 8W x 2 dual bright LED's capable of keeping plants, algaes, and easy care corals alive and growing. 


Tank Size Aprox : 36 x 22 x 25cm
16 Litres

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